Principles of Manufacturing Faculty 


Photo:Stephen Graves

Stephen Graves

Abraham J. Siegel Professor of Management
Professor of Operations Management at MIT Sloan School of Management
Professor of Mechanical Engineering 
Courses: 15.7632/3 
Photo:Duane S. Boning

Duane S. Boning

Clarence J. LeBel Professor in Electrical Engineering
Professor of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science in the EECS Department 
MTL Associate Director for Computation and CAD
Engineering Faculty Co-Director of the MIT Leaders for Global Operations
Courses: 2.830

Photo: Brian Anthony

Brian Anthony

MEng Program Director
Principle Research Scientist
Courses for 2.854

Photo: Jose J. Pacheco

Jose J. Pacheco

Industry Co-Director of MEng Program
Courses: 2.961 and 2.888

Photo: David E. Hardt

David E. Hardt

Professor of Mechanical Engineering
Ralph E. and Eloise F. Cross Professor in Manufacturing 
Courses: 2.830
Photo: Jung-Hoon Chung

Jung-Hoon Chun

Professor of Mechnical Engineering
Director of Laboratory for Manufacturing and Productivity
Faculty Director of MISTI MIT-Korea Program
Courses: 2.961
Photo: Stanley Gershwin

Stanley Gershwin

Senior Lecturer Emeritus
Courses: 2.854

Contributing MIT Faculty


Photo: Timothy Gutowski

Timothy Gutowski

Professor of Mechanical Engineering
Courses: 2.810
Photo: Warren Seering

Warren Seering

Professor of Mechanical Engineering
Engineering Director for The System Design and Management Program
Co-Director for Education, Skolkovo-MIT Partnership
Courses: 2.729J
Photo: Steven Eppinger

Steven Eppinger

General Motors Leaders for Global Operations Professor of Management
Professor of Management Science and Engineering Systems at MIT Sloan School of Management
Co-Director, System Design and Management Program
Course: 2.739J.
Photo: David Wallace

David Wallace

Professor of Mechanical Engineering
MacVicar Faculty Fellow
Course: 2.744
Photo: Amos Winter

Amos Winter

Ratan N. Tata Career Development Professor
Associate Professor of Mechanical Engineering
Course: 2.76
Photo: Maria Yang

Maria Yang 

Professor of Mechanical Engineering
Undergraduate Officer
MIT D-Lab Faculty Academic
Photo: John Hart

John Hart 

Associate Professor of Mechanical Engineering
Director, Laboratory for Manufacturing and Productivity
Director, MIT Center for Additive and Digital Advanced Production Technologies
MechE Maker Czar